4 Things You Can Gain From Studying The Law Of Attraction

As you study the Law of Attraction, you will learn that all sorts unseen and unknown abilities can be discovered and attracted into your life, such as:

  1. Remote viewing. You can know what happens at distant locations from where you are. Most of us think we are only stuck to this physical body we’ve been nurturing along all these years. But one of the key principles you will learn is that “There are no limits.” We are all connected. This is a holistic view of interpreting this world and our immediate (and longer-range) environment.
  •  Shape-shifting. Traditions hold that shamans were able to assume the shape of any animal (or plant) to gain information. However, this is a more common ability than generally thought. Ever sat in your car and something “didn’t feel right”? And then you found something was out of order, or someone had changed something in or about that car. Generally, this is because you tend to extend yourself into your car (or whatever you drive) in order to operate it. Similarly, you can “know” something is different about your pet. It takes familiarity. Familiarity and intuition are linked – but certain people with “tele-sensory” talents might be able to get information others were missing.
  •  Lucid dreaming. The fact, observed by many, is that we dream constantly. Just put your mind in idle and you start to see this – it’s called day dreaming by some. When we “sleep” at night, we are really surrendering to this dreaming completely. Some think they don’t dream, but if you lay still upon waking and try to remember what you were just thinking about, you’ll find some interesting dreams you’d been having. In lucid dreaming, you can exert some control over what you are dreaming – in that dream world you inhabit for that little while. In this dream state, things can symbolize other things.
  • Trusted communication. As we are all connected, we can influence others around us, within the limits of treating them as we would like to be treated. The Golden Rule is inexorable, you can’t fake this one. But you can work at communicating with people so that they recieve your thoughts accurately and know what you intend and what you would like for them to do.

There are many more advanced abilities people can discover. Have fun with this. Feel good.

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